Hey hey!

To say I’m grateful and excited to be photographing you is an understatement! It’s truly an honor that you’ve booked with me. 

Because I realize what a weighty thing it is to photograph people (whether that be a wedding day, an engagement shoot, or anything involving a human being!) it would be silly of me to just waltz in on that day without knowing real, honest true things about each of you, and still be able to make meaningful photos. 

So, I would like to invite you to share a bit of your story with me, and be as honest and open as you can! Keep in mind, when we meet you for our time together, I am coming as a close friend or family member. I will belly laugh with you, most likely cry with you, and be as close to you as anyone else. So, thank you, in advance, for taking the time to seek me out and to share this part of your story.

With these questions, I need you both to answer - resist the temptation to answer for each other! I really want to get to know each of you as individuals - it will help us make better images! Your answers can be as simple or detailed and profound as you'd like! :)