Welcome! I'm Anna.

a little about me:

I'm so excited that you're here to learn more about my team and me and considering us to document these special moments of your life. Photography is a profound and personal way to connect with one another, and that’s a major part of why I love to take photos. I love being able to learn about people and their stories, celebrate their milestones, freeze special moments and feelings, and leave a lil something to look back on for years to come (including allll the feels and possibly tears!).

A little about me—I have a Bachelor's in Communicative Disorders and Sciences. Since I was little, one of my goals has always been related to helping others, both humans and animals. My pipe dream on the other hand has always been something in the creative field. Photography has always been a part of my life whether big or small, on a point-and-shoot camera, instant film, and digital. It just so happens that my love for photography within these past few years has developed into something bigger, intertwined with life and love. I'm so grateful to be listening to and documenting people's stories and milestones.

In my leisure time, I love to rollerskate, go on hikes, admire the sunset, try new foods and desserts, volunteer at the animal shelter, and watch the latest sitcom, thriller, or action show.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me! I’m super excited to learn more about you soon! :)

Some fun facts:

#1 I fell in love with photography when I started taking portraits of my lovely friends and family.

#2 I rarely get in front of the camera, but when I do, I love it!

#3 I love to rollerskate!

#4 I love to hike and explore new places with my loved ones.

#5 I'm a kid at heart. I love Disneyland!

#6 I like to bring my point & shoot film camera when traveling (Contax T2 + Canon AE-1 for the analog shooters out there ;) | San Diego, CA

#7 The first 3 photos in this row were shot with film. And I love redwoods (although these aren't it). | Portland, Oregon

#8 My first international trip was to Banff, Canada, and I loved it so much!

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