Hey, gems! 💎 I’d love to get to know you both + your wedding a bit better to ensure that I’m in the right place & time on your special day, so please fill out as much of this as you can for your photog team!
I’ll be in touch to follow-up and confirm the details soon.
Thank you so much! :)


Please complete the questionnaire below:

Your Name *
Your Name
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Your Bride/Groom's Name:
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Wedding Date
Mailing Address After the Wedding?
Mailing Address After the Wedding?
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Your Phone Number
Your Bride/Groom's Phone Number
Your Bride/Groom's Phone Number
(Location Name & Address and Website if possible)
(Location Name & Address, Websites if possible)
If yes, please list any special traditions I should be aware of.
If you'd like me to be in direct contact with you throughout the day, you can specify below!
(Name and Address if NOT the ceremony location)
(Name and Address if NOT the ceremony location)
Feel free to copy & paste, or if you have it laid out in another doc, you can email that over to me! If not, you can update me or have the wedding coordinator CC me via email.
Please list the combos of family groups + names / relationships to keep it organized (I'll help call them out when they're needed) for family portraits after the ceremony. (Please allow approx. 1-3 minutes per group!)
Including the actual ceremony / reception + venue(s)
This would only take about 15-30 minutes. I promise not to take too much of your time so you can return back to the party asap!
Applies to all weddings where photography team is there throughout the reception, please let us know how you would like us to go about getting our dinner :) ***It is recommended that you ask your caterer to serve our dinners at the same time as you or after you—especially if you would like to sneak away for a sunset session. It's super helpful if we are finished when you are finished!
I’ll be sharing sneak peeks after the wedding, and I would love to properly credit/tag the wedding vendors in my blog post or IG! (Also helps me to touch bases with the planner, officiant, and DJ when needed)
If you'd like me to tag you, please let me know your IG handles below! I love to be friends with my clients and keep up with them! :) (My IG @annathanhng, link is also below)

Yay, you made it to the end!! Thanks for hangin’ in there. Please update me with anything that you’re not sure about from the above when you can, and/or ask me any questions/concerns that you have! I’ll be in touch to confirm the details soon. I’m excited for the big day!! 🤗✨