When do we receive our photos?

My turnaround time is within 1 to 3 weeks depending on the portrait session; 6-8 weeks for weddings and elopements.

How do we receive the photos?

I'll send a gallery with the finished, high-res photos via email for you to download and share. You may order prints through the gallery as well!
Don’t forget to back up your images!

Can you send us the "raw" pictures?

No ma'am!
1, I literally shoot in a “RAW” format on my camera to retain better details especially when editing.
2, You’re hiring me for the photos you see on here which are my fully edited, finished work with nice and crisp colors and quality.

Giving the so called “raw”, unedited photos is like a chef giving you an unseasoned, bland dish. So please trust me & the process!

This is a great and easy read that goes more in depth about the importance of the editing process.

How and when should we pay you?

Apple Pay, Zelle, cash, and check are accepted. 

For portrait / headshot sessions, 50% deposit is required to book portrait sessions and to secure your date. The rest is due the day of the session either before or after we finish.
For special events, weddings and elopements, a 50% deposit is required to book + secure your date. The rest is due at least 1 month before your date.

How far do you travel? Is there a travel fee?

I travel anywhere in the Bay Area, and I would LOVE to travel beyond Northern California, California, and anywhere in the world to capture your special moments.

My packages all cover some amount of travel. Travel fee of $0.50/mile round-trip apply to locations beyond the listed mileage in each package from North San Jose, CA 95132. Locations 4 or more hours (outside of Bay Area) require either or all airfare, stay, and transportation to be covered for one (unless a second shooter is needed then coverage for two).

Check if your location is on my bucket list if you’re having a destination wedding or elopement for discounts! :)

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